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Rhonda Culton-commonly known in her community as “Mrs. Rhonda” is characterized for her boldness when it comes to the work of God. Many are touched by her real, raw, and relevant uncompromising message of the Gospel. She captivates many by her energizing message of hope and believes that no matter what people can make it with God on their side. Rhonda’s enormous love for people is heart-felt by those led her way. Her positive attitude has drawn countless people into the body of Christ and her energetic style of praise and worship has challenged many to take their praise to another level. Ultimately, she desires to see people delivered and set-free from the bondage of the enemy.

Rhonda has participated in two book compilation projects entitled “Un-stuck”—a book that shares the stories of women from across the country that have moved beyond setbacks and burst into victory, and the “Un-stuck Workbook”—a workbook designed to help women in ministry. She is co-author of a devotional book called, “Women on the Vine”- which describes the importance of the connection we all should have to the vine, which is Jesus Christ. Rhonda released a powerful book and workbook designed for the single woman waiting on her spouse, titled, “What to Do While Waiting on My Boaz”.  God also blessed her to release “Called to be Your Own Boss”- tips for those that want to start their own business, “Document It”-a daily documentation book for teachers and “Chicken Nuggets”-a book for Preschool Teachers enriched with golden nuggets of wisdom. Recently she Co-Authored a book entitled, “How to Get Your Book Published Fast” and more books are in the making. Her latest body of work includes a book compilation project called, Inspire, where13 courageous women across the nation came together to inspire the world with their story of hope.


Rhonda is the C.E.O. of her own daycare consulting business where she helps those locally and regionally with creating an effective and efficient childcare center.  She is also owner and operator of Rosetta Canyon Kids Child Care.  Additionally, she is a Child Development  Professor at UC Riverside, UC Davis and Mt. San Jacinto Community College.  Rhonda is a CPR Instructor, a Travel Agent, an Administrator for a Childcare Center and serves as a California Early Childhood Director Mentor. Academically, she holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Child Development and a Master of Arts Degree in Human Development. Lady Rhonda works diligently alongside her husband Pastor Fabian Culton, who is the Founder of Most Holy Place Community Church in Lake Elsinore, California. She is committed to the vision of pointing people toward God and will do all that is necessary to ensure that the vision is carried out. Together, they are the proud parents of three beautiful children, Maelina, Marquis and Malerie and the grandparents of two boys and one baby girl.

Lady Rhonda Culton