Pastor Fabian Culton



Pastor Culton is one of the most exciting and fired-up men of God. He strives to speak and live in fullness everyday. His big smile, gentleness and sincerity for people have proven true.  Rev. Culton received Christ at the age of sixteen years old. At age seventeen, he was filled with the Holy Ghost and began to serve in various departments at his local church. He has worked as a choir president, Deacon and has overseen many departments in  his local church (Saints Rest Fellowship Baptist Church). As time proceeded, he knew that God was calling him to a higher calling. For many years he ran for the call of Minister. Married at the age of twenty and at age twenty -four, he lost his wife and two children (son & daughter) in an automobile accident (with only one surviving child). He suffered several  other material lost after the death of his family. This was devastating for a young man to endure. His story is compared to that of Job. Yet broken but not destroyed, Rev. Culton hung on to God's unchanging hand even more. His shout, his dance and his faith became stronger. God restored all that he had lost six years later, all while still serving in his local church. He remarried on February 14, 1998. He now has a son and two daughters; ages twenty-eight, eighteen & fourteen. Rev. Culton was licensed and ordained in 2000 at Saint Rest Fellowship Baptist Church, Watts, Ca. by Pastor Willie Burnett Sr. In 2003, Rev Culton was asked to assist in forming a church in the City of Long Beach. He became Assistant Pastor of  the Holy Living Community Church ( presently known as City of Worship Church), Pastor Terry O. Wallace, Sr..  Pastor Culton has worked diligently along side  Pastor Wallace. For six years he helped build the church. He has taught many how to live and serve the Lord in all areas of life. He gave unselfishly of himself, his time and his finances. Pastor Culton & his family moved to Lake Elsinore Ca., from LA County in 2006. Pastor thought the move was strictly for real estate .  God had another plan. Pastor Culton has  known  there was a call on his life to pastor but he did not want to accept the huge responsibility. As the  Lord 's calling became stronger through prophecy and the Word of God, he finally surrendered. Pastor Culton  is now in the building stages of working the vision given to him by the Lord. Pastor Culton is the visionary and founder of the Most Holy Place Community Church. Most Holy place started on July 25th, 2010. Pastor believes that we as Christians should live beyond the veil .We should know Jesus on a personal level and nothing should stand between us and God. Pastor Culton takes his Christian walk seriously. He moves and listens to the voice of the Lord. As he enters this new dimension of his calling, Pastor will strive to continue to be a man after God's own heart.